After completing the Camino Frances in 2013, and walking 800km on a knee that was “bone-on-bone,” as his orthopaedic surgeon was to tell him later, Bill sat down and wrote a book to try and make sense of it all.

The book took Bill only four months to write. The Camino and his complex reactions to his walk were still fresh in his mind, and it helped that he had his daily blog to reference. He was surprised when The Way, My Way immediately became popular. Now with more than one thousand five star reviews on Amazon, and a similar response on Goodreads, the book has become essential reading for anyone considering walking the Camino, or for those pilgrims that have already done the walk and want to relive their experiences.

Many reviewers state that it´s the best Camino book they’ve read.

To tie in with the film’s release, Bill has written a 10th Year Anniversary edition of The Way, My Way. This new edition contains forewords detailing the changes that Bill has undergone since walking the Camino – one from Bill’s perspective and the other from Jennifer’s. As well, at the end of each chapter there’s a page or two from Bill commenting on the chapter with the wisdom of ten years of hindsight.

The new book is published by Arcadia Press and will be available through bookstores and Amazon soon.

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Throughout his first Camino, Bill documented his day-to-day experiences in a blog, which he called PGS The Way.

The blog started off just as a small personal way for Bill to tell his family and friends what he was up to whilst walking the Camino. He intended to close it down at the end of his pilgrimage. Now some ten years later, with more than one thousand posts and thousands of followers worldwide, it´s become Bill´s way of communicating his innermost thoughts and feelings on a variety of subjects.

Why call the blog PGS The Way?

Bill had dedicated his first Camino to a film that he wished to make, called PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System. He´d spent many years trying to get this film made, without success. He hoped that in walking the Camino, and in walking the Camino intuitively, that he would clear whatever internal blockages had prevented him from making this film.

Within twelve months of completing the Camino, Bill was making the movie. The Camino cleared those blockages!

Here´s a link to the movie: